Innovative kettle Ideas

Published: 22nd March 2010
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This article will look at ideas about different styles of kettles. All we need from a kettle is for it to boil water. Job done. But in a world with gadgets everywhere including the kitchen we want to explore the different ideas that a kettle can be. A phone these days has now evolved so much that we use it as a camera, an email device and something with multimedia.

Kettles are used for coffee, tea, food such as pasta or noodles and also for your hot water bottle in the cold nights. For each different purpose for your water it would be cool to input the amount in mls and then the kettle would beep when you put that amount in. Or maybe how many cups of tea you want with the memory of your cups. Then a nice pour design which allows you to press a button and the exact amount comes down would be ideal.

A good feature for the real lazy people would have the drink pour into a cup instead of you lifting it. Having this option can allow you to choose how much water you want or have it preset that it comes out automatically and stops automatically depending on the preset you have chosen.

Having an lcd display would be completely useless but having one you can put all sorts of random things. Temperature maybe one but we all know it needs to be over a hundred degrees celcius for it to start boiling. User displays with random tea or coffee facts would be cool, but useless.

Depending on the design of your kitchen you may have a particular colour scheme. Choosing same colours with other kitchen appliances is popular. Just in case you have a whole le creuset cas iton set of volcanic orange saucepans you should also have a wide range of colours of kettles to match.

There are many kettles out in the market that look like the conventional kettles. There are novelty kettles about but many of them are not designed with a kithcen's design in mind. The market is flooded with stainless steel designs but these do look good and are very popular. If you are looking for a wacky kettle then one suggestion would be to have it look like something else such as a radiator. How about a plant pot kettle with a flower.

Most of the kettles discussed are crazy innovative kettle ideas. They may not be sensible but some people want to be different and express themselves. If you have a non sensible kitchen and it has design in mind then why not see if you can find a crazy kettle.

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